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About The Founder


This is my story in a few words:

Can you imagine how it is like growing up in the dark? 

Being born and raised in a dystopian communist country of Romania, we just never knew what we were missing. Do you know what it’s like to never know the freedom to travel or the freedom of speech, nor the freedom to express yourself? 

Moving to America was my dream as a child.

Would you believe it if I told you that the reason I wanted to move to this country is to have access to a simple pair of jeans and to give the opportunity to my future children to wear nice outfits? Yes, that was very important to me.

Leaving Romania, as an emigrant I was only allowed to take with me 2 grams of gold in one piece of jewelry. I chose a small necklace with a cross for protection that my grandmother gave me before I left my country, this was one of the very few pieces of jewelry that I had to express my style.

When I first arrived here I notice the American Woman wearing more bland fashion than I expected. That is when I decided to bring fashion from Paris and I opened my first boutique called C'est Chic. From that one small store, I grew my business into multi store boutiques. Through out the years, I styled more women that I could ever imagine, and my boutiques were loved by many.

How blessed are we to be able to be who we are, be able to wear what we want? I’m here to guide you to the same path I once took, and help you gain a sense of individuality. 

Come with me on this journey, achieve your look, create your story with me, be the free soul you always wanted to be!


My name is Yvonne Livia Rodriguez and I am the founder of


Why the name Bloo And Ro?


“Ro”:  as in Romanian, to honor my roots, and as in Rodriguez, to honor my husband, who is always by my side and always supports my dreams.

Bloo: My middle name is Livia, which is a girl’s name with Latin roots that means Blue and signifies Life. I was named after my grandma whose name was Livia and my son’s middle name is Liviu as well. This is to honor my grandma, an amazing woman that shaped who I am today. This is for you grandma. I will forever love you and miss you. 

Bloo/Livia means embrace life with both hands and this is what I try to do every single day and you should too because life is beautiful and precious.  

To me, Bloo And Ro Jewelry represents individuality at its best and inclusivity at its highest, all enveloped by love and acceptance of one another in this melting pot of diversity, at a time when anything is possible.


Where would you go with Bloo And Ro? 



With Love..Yvonne.